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William Johnson

Revolutionary War Veteran

b. 1757 in Virginia

William Johnson was a Revolutionary War veteran who fought in many battles of significance. There is very little is known of him beyond his pension application. The condensed version appears below.

He was in Wayne Co. as early as 1801 based on court records when he applied for 200 acres of land on the south side of the Cumberland River in the Barrens.

Some additional information has been gleaned from Wayne County records:

He may have had a son named James Johnson. A young couple, whose head was named James Johnson, were living next door to him in the 1820 census.

Daughter Milly Johnson married Moses Tucker in 1816. The marriage bond was signed by Michael Fry, the husband of Susannah Johnson.    Milly Tucker died in 24 Sep 1853  of a  Cold.   She was age 56 and  living on S. Fork

Why did Michael Fry sign the bond? He did live near the William Johnson residence and could have been friends. However, his wife, Susannah, was the daughter of James Johnson, Sr, b. 1759. This James Johnson was, like William Johnson, also a Rev. War veteran and also from Bedford/Campbell Co, VA. Additionally, he enlisted in Amherst Co. as did William Johnson, b. 1757. They were in different units. James also had a brother named William back in VA, who was born in 1757, but in a different month. Both Williams are on record as fighting Indians in 1775. Can we dare assume that they are brothers and there was simply an error in recording the month of birth???

Daughter Alcey Johnson married Edward Maxwell, 23 July 1817. (Wayne Co Marriages, Bork)

Daughter Sarah Johnson married Green M. Hamilton, 15 Jun 1818. (Wayne Co Marriages, Bork)

Revolutionary War Pension Application

William Johnson, Wayne Co., KY--24 Sep 1832--Pension #S1226, Virginia

William Johnson appeared and states that he is 75, was born in the 2nd day of August 1757 and that he enlisted in 1776 in the fall or summer with Capt James Franklin and was appointed and acted as Sergent and served in the 10th Virginia Regiment. "Our Regiment was commanded by Col. Green at the Battle of Brandywine."

"I volunteered for 6 months in 1775, the year before my enlistment....We burned several Indian towns on the Tennessee River.

I lived in Bedford Co., VA at the time of my enlistment, but enlisted in Amherst Co., VA for 3 years and served the full time. Discharged at Petersburg, VA. Served 3 mos as Sgt under Capt Jeremiah Fate, of Bedford Co, Va and was at battle or Siege of 96 in SC. Enlisted again from Amherst Co, VA as Sgt under Capt. Charles Christian as a substitute for Ballinger Wade. "

Placed on pension roll Sept 2, 1833.

Researchers: Ann Rigg, Elbert L. Johnson