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Peter K.  Johnson

b. Dec 1803 in  Virginia

PETER K. JOHNSON b. Dec 1803 in  Virginia and died 1870 in Wayne Co, Kentucky,   was the son of JAMES and REBECCA FARRIS JOHNSON.  He  married  PEGGY BLACK, Sept 11, 1823 in either Wayne or Pulaski Co, KY..  Peggy was b. 1805-1808, d. 1833 in Kentucky.  She was the daughter of NATHANIEL BLACK. 

The children of PETER K. and PEGGY BLACK JOHNSON:

     1.  BARNEY JOHNSON, b. 1824 in Kentucky and and married Mariean M. Combs in 1850 in Wayne Co, KY.   She was born 1832 in North Carolina. 

     2.  Unknown boy

     3.  Unknown girl.

Both Peter K. and Peggy Black Johnson are buried at the Dibrell Cemetery in Wayne Co., KY.

PETER K. JOHNSON was married the second time in 1833 in Wayne Co, Kentucky to  EMILY BURTON b.May 05, 1814 and died 1898-1900 in Tenn.  EMILY BURTON was born in Russell or Pulaski or Wayne Co, Kentucky.  She was  the daughter of  WILLIAM and ELIZABETH ROBERTS BURTON.

The children of PETER K. and EMILY BURTON JOHNSON:

      1. JOSEPH  W. JOHNSON b. April 15,1834 in Wayne Co, Kentucky and died 1911 and  md. Sept 20, 1860 to MARY  JANE   CORDER.

     2.  SHELBY  HART  JOHNSON b. Dec 14, 1836 in Wayne Co,  Kentucky and died Nov 23, 1918 and married AGNES "AGGIE" MCCLENDON  Sept 01, 1858 in Russell Co, Kentucky.

     3. FRANCIS  M. JOHNSON b. July 1837 in Wayne Co, Kentucky and  married Nov 26, 1873 to CYNTHIA  EASTHAM in Pulaski Co, Kentucky.

     4. MARGARET  M. JOHNSON b. 1839 in Wayne Co, Kentucky and  married Dec 13, 1857 to GEORGE  E.  CAIN.

     5. THOMAS  PINCKNEY  JOHNSON b. Feb 03, 1842 in Wayne Co, Kentucky and died Feb 18, 1916 in Wayne Co, Kentucky married Dec 08, 1863 Wayne Co, Kentucky #1. MARTHA  ANN  MCCLENDON md. 1884  #2. CHERLOTTA   MCCLENDON md. Dec 21, 1887 or 1889  #3. LAURA  S.  ARD

            a.  BERRY V. JOHNSON, b. Jan 10, 1874 in Russell or Wayne or Pulaski Co, Kentucky and died Mar 07, 1933 in Pulaski Co, Kentucky. BERRY first married VIRDIE E. HUDSON b. Sept 14, 1879 in Kentucky and died 1906 in Kentucky. BERRY and  VIRDIE were married about 1895.

                   BERRY V. JOHNSON married the second time to IDA  BLAND b. 1878 in Kentucky and                           died 1921 in Pulaski Co, Kentucky. The names of their children are:
                        1. MARTHA  JOHNSON died 1976
                        2. SARAH  JOHNSON md. FATE PETTY JOHN
                        3. FORREST FRAZIER JOHNSON md. GOLDA BURGE first time and the second time
                             to LUCY JANE HIGGINGBOTTOM
                        4.GLEN  JOHNSON b. Mar 13, 1911 in Kentucky and died Dec 23, 1950 in Kentucky and married                                THELMA  ARD
                        5. EVERETT LEE JOHNSON b. May 08, 1912 in Pulaski Co, Kentucky and md. EVA MAE                                JOHNSON
                        6. TOMMY JOHNSON b. Sept 08, 1913 in Kentucky and died Oct 16, 1929 in Vinnie, Kentucky. 

     6. ELIZABETH  J.  JOHNSON b. 1846

     7. GEORGE  A.  JOHNSON b. Sept 13, 1847 in Wayne Co, Kentucky and died Dec 21, 1915 and md. DICIA  E. STEPHENS

     8. ALICE  C.  JOHNSON b. Dec 15, 1849 in Wayne Co, Kentucky and died in Jacksboro, Tenn April 11, 1939 amd md. GEORGE   MADISON SHARP.

     9. MARY  C.  JOHNSON b. 1850 in Wayne Co, Kentucky and died August 08, 1852.

   10. GARTHUR  W. JOHNSON b.1852 in Wayne Co, Kentucky.

    11. NANCY  B.  JOHNSON b.1854 in Wayne Co, Kentucky and md. JAMES MADISON SHARP.   

Researcher: Carl B. Johnson

Last Updated: 24 March 2002