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John Johnson


This may be one of the most common names in the world. 

Fortunately, there was only one John Johnson in early Wayne County history.


      John Johnson was one of the early arrivals in Wayne Co. 

      He was listed on the 1801 Tax Table as having (?) 35 acres of land on Beaver Creek.  In 1803, he is taxed for 300 acres on Indian Creek.  In 1804 he is on the Cumberland River;  in 1805 he is back on Beaver Creek and owns 7 horses.  In 1806 and 1807, no watercourse is mentioned and he only has one horse.  In 1808 he is on the South Fork with 2 horses and in 1809, no watercourse is mentioned and he is taxed for 5 horses.  I have no explanation for the variance in locations, unless John kept on the move  (or was adept at avoiding taxes).  The tax assessors were usually more consistent in describing the nearby watercourse.

    The Wayne County Court Order Book A shows that he:

                a.   November 1802 - Received  certificate # 409 for 100 acres of land per the Grants South of Green River

                b.   December 1802-relinquished claim to certificate # 409.  Received certificate # 422 for 175 acres. 

      John Johnson received one of the land Grants South of Green River, receiving 165 acres of land.  The survey was completed 10-20-1809.

      This is the last record I have of John Johnson.  Apparently, he either died or moved in 1809.  He was not taxed in 1809


      Does anyone else have, as Paul Harvey says,  "The rest of the story."???    If John died in 1809, he may be my ggggrandfather.


Researcher for this line: Elbert L. Johnson


Updated: December 22, 1999